Covid -19 Update

Hey everyone,

I'm back to sharing face to face sessions at HQ Therapy in Haggerston.

I spent some time running practice sessions with members of my support bubble before I officially opened back up so I could adjust to the new Covid-19 protocol and wearing PPE during the sessions. I’ve completed all the training provided by my Reiki governing body on how to return to work safely during Covid-19 and a new risk assessment to make sure our sessions are as comfortable, tranquil and above all, as safe as they can be during these times.

I’m also going to continue sharing pay-what-you-can distance Reiki sessions. These sessions are for anyone and everyone in the whole wide world. They are great for anyone who is high risk or vulnerable or people who have a busy schedule as you don’t even need to leave your home. Suggested rate for a 60 minute distance Reiki session is £25-£45. This is only a suggestion. Pay what you can in advance via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Lots of love,




The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese kanji (characters) Rei and Ki. Rei can be translated as Source. Ki can be translated as Energy or Life Force Energy. Together they are often translated as Universal Life Force Energy.

Reiki is also the name of the energy healing system founded by Buddhist scholar, Mikao Usui in Japan. During Reiki sessions, a practitioner shares Reiki directly through the hands. The practitioner places their hands over or on energy centres on the body called chakras. These energy centres are said to govern emotional parts of our lives and physical parts of our bodies. Often times, they can become unbalanced by stress, anxiety, emotions and pain. Sharing Reiki can help bring these centres back into balance, reduce stress and help in the emotional, physical and spiritual healing process.

Although Reiki is often used along side spiritual practices, it is not a religion. It is a non-invasive complementary therapy.




Sessions are approximately 45 minutes but please account for 60 minutes. I practise from HQ Therapy Rooms in Haggerston. Sessions can be booked Monday to Sunday starting on the hour at 10am and ending at 9pm. Bookings are made through me at jessica@abra-reiki.com

A session is £65.

Please be aware that you will be required to wear a face covering inside HQ Therapy Rooms and during our session. 


These sessions are available for anyone around the world, not just London. Distance Reiki is great for anyone especially if you are busy or not physically able to make it to a location. These sessions are at a pay-what-you-can rate. For more information on distance sessions or to book please contact me at jessica@abra-reiki.com

Suggested rate for a 60 minute session: £25 - £45

Payment in advance via Paypal or Bank Transfer. 



To book a session, ask questions or to say hello, get in contact here. If you want to book a session, let me know what your preferred date and times are and a little bit about what brings you to Reiki. You can also email me directly at jessica@abra-reiki.com



Each session will be tailored to your specific needs. No preparation is needed before Reiki treatment. However, I do recommend wearing comfortable clothing, not having a heavy meal before the session, wearing cozy socks and taking a few minutes before the session to reflect on what brings you to Reiki. The first session is always a nice place to start to relax, slow down, listen and notice what areas seek attention. I recommend receiving Reiki treatment every 2-4 weeks. 

Below is the way I generally like to work and what you may experience during a session:

  • We will have a few minutes before the sessions to discuss any areas you wish to focus on.

  • Depending on your preference, sessions can be hands on or hands off. Both work just as well. 

  • You'll either lie down on the treatment couch or be seated in a chair. 

  • You will remain fully clothed. Shoes should be removed.

  • I will either place my hands on or hover my hands over specific areas of your body.

  • Regardless of genders, I will not place my hands on your chest, lower abdomen or intimate areas. 

  • Clients usually experience a deep state of relaxation. During a session you may experience: warmth, cold, tingling, a feeling of a gentle electrical current, see colours, have visions or have an emotional response. No need to worry if you do or don't experience any of the above, Reiki works irrespective of this. 

  • We will end with a few minutes of feedback.

  • Sometimes it can take a a few hours for people to feel the benefits of the session. Some may even require multiple sessions before they begin to connect back to themselves and "feel" the Reiki. Give it time and observe how you feel in the coming hours and days after your session.



Abra Reiki is run by Jessica Paliza. Abra is the name of a stray cat I met when I had just moved into a new house in Portland, Oregon. I was sitting on my front porch feeling lost and questioning why I moved to Portland when a Siamese cat jumped on my lap, curled up and fell asleep on me. I named my practice after Abra, because like Abra, Reiki came to me out of nowhere, in a time of need and adopted me. 

Reiki came to me after years of emotional  and physical trauma that I had been ignoring finally caught up to me. A few years ago, I got the courage to address these issues and took the steps to make my mental health a priority. I began with talk therapy which proved to help tremendously. I came to a point where I felt like I needed more than just talk therapy. I wanted to complete the mind, body and spirit triangle by working on my body and spirit but did not know how. 

I was drawn to take a course with Reiki Master, Justine Nolan of East London Reiki , where I received my Reiki Practitioner Certification. Soon after taking my first Reiki course, my life started to change.

Reiki helped me unblock emotional pain that was taking a physical toll on me.  Years of trauma led me to exist in my own body as a half numbed visitor, never being fully present so as not to have to feel the pain of past experiences. Reiki gently put me back in my body and taught me how to listen to myself so that I can feel what areas of my life I need to focus on one by one, making the healing process less overwhelming. 

Reiki helps me to connect more closely with friends, constantly introduces me to like minded people and slowly, I'm repairing my family relationships. Seeing the positive change that Reiki has brought to me and the people in my life pushed me to start Abra Reiki.


I am trained in both Usui Shiki Ryoho (natural healing method) and Usui Reiki Ryoho (spiritual healing method). I'm also a member of the The Reiki Guild  and agree to a code of practice which is a guarantee to the public that they will receive the highest standard of attention and care.

I currently volunteer as a Reiki practitioner with Crisis in Shoreditch, London, a charity organisation that provide vital support to homeless individuals and The Magpie Project , a charity for mothers with children under five in temporary or insecure accommodation in Newham, London. They provide practical support, advice, healthy meals and a safe place for children to play in Newham, London.

I'm on the look for more volunteering opportunities. Please get in touch if your organisation would be interested in a volunteer Reiki practitioner. 


"Jessica has a natural sensibility for energy work and shared a deeply healing and beautifully uplifting Reiki session with me from her peaceful space in North London. She is warm, welcoming and shares intuitive guidance which can assist your healing journey following the session. With Jessica you are in extremely caring and professional hands!"

Justine N.

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